“Remember that you are a Spirit that happens to have a body ~ not a body that happens to have a spirit.”

“Remember that you are a Spirit that happens to have a body ~ not a body that happens to have a spirit.”

e began the Journey that led us to Life Metaphysical in the early 1990s when we organized a meditation group. Five like-minded friends got together every Wednesday night and brought our interests and knowledge to the room. What a blast we had learning Reiki, dowsing, crystal healing and crystal energy, past life regression, and guided meditations all while sharing, learning from one another and growing in our belief in the unseen.

From here we organized retreats to Sedona, AZ, Idyllwild, CA ,and Temecula, CA, where we learned how to contact our spirit guides and teachers, laid in the red dirt for our first Medicine Wheel, had past life regressions, spirit circles, prayer, and learned a bit of astrology. We had a lot of fun exploring many different things. The experiences that occurred would forever change our lives for the better.

We expanded our knowledge of the spiritual realm, how it relates to our own bodies and minds, and the multi-dimensionality of it all pushed the boundaries of our conscious awareness. We opened up to the possibilities around us so that SPIRITUALLY, we could experience more, learn more, grow more and maybe… become more enlightened along the way. You will find out more by catching our blogs.

That journey of life, that path we have chosen, has woven a beautiful tapestry of friendship and trust between our families that is seldom found. We are excited to share our journey of learning and growth with you. If you are a seeker, you may find some common interests on our website, you may also find some thought-provoking blogs and a place to ask the questions that you have been seeking answers to. We might have the insight you are looking for – and you might find that special item for yourself or someone you love in our Emporium!

Take a look around and enjoy! Welcome! Come join us on our Life Metaphysical Journey!

I grew up in a family of five in Orange County, California. All my life, I always knew that I enjoyed helping people and could pick up on the “vibe” in a room. You may understand being told you are too “sensitive” – that was me!

My life experiences have taught me how to cry, forgive, grieve and let go. I joined the Navy, met my Hubby of over 30 years, raised two children and somehow, with the exception of a few gray hairs and several character lines, I survived pretty much intact.

Life isn’t easy, but I have learned that if you choose to acknowledge the lessons and grow through the lessons along life’s journey, life can be GOOD!

For 15 years, I have helped friends, family and clients though spiritual readings with the help of Tarot, angel cards, and crystals. Helping people remember that we all are Spirit and Helping them to find purpose in the joy and the pain that they encounter is what drives me to continue reading. I am a good listener and an insightful spiritual counselor.

I am known for getting to the heart of the matter and intuitively guiding people to the answers they are seeking. I want to help those going through loss as a result of death, divorce and addiction to stay connected to their Spirit, their God and to never lose hope for their future. I want to help them know that through acknowledgement and letting go, they can allow hope, God and their own spiritual connectedness into their lives. They are not alone. Remember the joy!

Embrace the dance,


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Hello! I’m Karen! I grew up in a family of five in Laguna Beach, California. In my childhood, psychic occurrences in our household were not considered unusual. My maternal great grandmother was a medium, (although she would not have called herself that), and while rocking in her chair she had conversations with deceased relatives. This was very “normal” in family stories. My mother was an artist and a bit different, and our household was very open and accepting to these experiences that were referred to as “gifts”.

As children we were raised in the Catholic church, but Mom always taught me to keep an open mind, to visit other churches, to learn and explore other religions and other belief systems. I learned to explore and question and find my own answers. I learned to find my own spirit, to become what I already am, a spiritual person on a spiritual journey and to feel the love of the universe in my life.

Around the age of 11, I started having my own psychic and intuitive experiences. I started reading Tarot at 17 and have had many teachers of metaphysical thought over the years.

I find my joy helping my clients to realize that they are on a spiritual journey and a spiritual path. You are exactly where you want to be from a spiritual perspective, and if you want to change it you can…you have free will, this is your greatest gift.

Through the use of Intuitive Tarot, spirit guides, and angels, I assist people to see the bigger picture of their life. I can see what may be coming, with work, friends, money and love, which may help you in the direction you want to take. I try to help people see the truth in their lives, and to also help them to see how wonderful and glorious they already are. I endeavor to encourage them to see the light within themselves, reminding them to let the beautiful light of their Spirit shine forth.

Exploring all things metaphysical, sharing what the guides and angels tell me, learning with my clients, and reading for them is one of my favorite things!



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