Have You Ever Found Yourself Isolated From Friends and Family?

Mar 31, 2017 | Personal Development | 3 comments

Have you ever found yourself isolated from friends and family? Feeling like a cast off? Thinking that people do not understand you or what you are going through? One thing to consider during times like these is that maybe….you chose to put yourself there.

Consider the possibility that separation from your family, your friends, and your normal surroundings may be necessary for you at the moment.

Your isolation and separateness may be self-imposed. During times of crisis and times of great change, some of us may not process and cope as well when surrounded by “normal”. Especially when “normal” is not what we are feeling. When we are feeling that we just don’t fit right now, maybe isolation is a good thing, temporarily. Acknowledge that it may feel safer to honestly look at our own lives and choose our next direction when we are not being supported by family and friends. That support can at times feel suffocating and judging.

So give yourself a time out. Remember to keep that time out temporary. You will need the comfort and love that friends and family offer after you have released yourself from this isolation. You will return from your isolation more than who you were. Have any of you ever experienced this? Tell us your story.

For those of you interested in Tarot, this is one aspect of the 8 of Swords.




  1. Starra Andrews

    Yes, I have felt isolated many times. Once I went though a dark, shut off phase for five years. I now realize I was deep into low self esteem, depression, and a sense that everything I did (including new people I met) would be a disappointment. Guess what? I proved myself right!

    Now – five years later – I know the difference between isolating to renew and recharge, and simply giving in to self-defeat. I’m in a state of reboot and recharge right now, and I’m happier than ever! After a relocation and transition time, I’m looking forward to meeting new people and excelling my creative career.

    • Rhonda Lynch

      That is so exciting for you! Reboot and recharge, I love it!

      • Rhonda Lynch

        Love your enthusiasm Starra! We are looking forward to having you as a guest author!!


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