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Jun 9, 2017 | Series | 3 comments

In my readings I get asked a lot about Spirit Guides and Angels.  I do request the help of Spirit Guides and Angels in every reading. This blog maybe lend some insight to our readers on what I know about these amazing helpers. Bear in mind this is a very brief introduction. 

First there are different types of guides.

·         Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Angels

·         Spirit Guides

·         Spirits of Family and Friends who have passed over

·         Spirit Animal Guides, Animal Totems

·         Elementals 

Elementals (which I call joy spirits), or nature spirits are spirits which inhabit nature. Nature spirits live in trees, rivers, plants, bogs, swamps, mountains and minerals. Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns Gnomes, sylphs, pixies, and many other names are the elementals.  They mostly stay unseen unless you have clairvoyance. Generally, nature spirits are benevolent and bring us assistance, harmony and good will. Sometimes they are mischievous, sometimes more than mischievous.  I have encountered fairies in my garden, always thoughtful, they keep the bees from stinging me.  As long as I am taking care of the garden, and I ask for their assistance, they also help me.  I hear them inside my head telling me what the plants need, and bringing my attention to something I may not have seen.  Findhorn in Scotland (a spiritual community) are in commune with the elementals in their garden and their gardens are wildly successful. 

Native Americans tradition states a person is assigned nine animal guides that provide spiritual direction both in this life and the next. They can be mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, or water animals.  They offer us guidance, their wisdom, and protection and each has a symbolic meaning.  When Spirit animals appear in your life pay attention to the message they bring, it is a sacred moment and they have much to teach you if you will listen.    

I have a cat guide named Abbigail, she goes by Abby. When I first became aware of her I asked her what she had come into my life for. She conveyed to me that she was here to help me with a great transition that I was to be going through. I didn’t know at the time that I would be having a transition, but eventually it started, and I understood.  She is not around me as much now and that is because she has accomplished what she came to me to accomplish.  I have also had a bear and a wolf at different times in my life, they were not guides but totems asking me to emulate their behavior, and offering me protection.  When the animal spirits appear they demonstrate to us qualities and behaviors that we may want to emulate in our lives at the time they appear. Each Spirit animal that comes through for you, or that you recognize, has a message for you.   

Relatives who have passed over may also be “around us”. If we pay attention and get still, they can be felt and even seen. Relatives who are around us come to comfort us, to lend support, they may help us with grieving and usually they want us to know that they are still “here”.  They haven’t disappeared into nothingness and you will see them again. If your relatives are not around you or you do not feel them you can ask for a sign or tell them you have a need to see them or feel them.  Many times they send us symbols that can take the form of butterflies, humming birds or other birds, feathers, coins, purple lights or flickering lights. You may hear a sound or actually see a presence.  Be open to what the signs tell you.   

Spirit guides come to us to help with the physical expression we are experiencing on the earth plane.  They have been incarnated at some time and usually have had many lifetimes.  It is their greatest joy to be assigned to helping you, guiding you, nudging you along your path.  Spirit Guides will help bring synchronicity to you, and while you have free will, they try to help you stay on the path you have chosen.  Spirit guides are truly our best friends and unlike angels have actually had a human, physical experience on the earth plane. (Angels can appear as human but they never incarnate as human.) We may have several guides from several different lives or we may have just one at any particular time in space.  Many of those I have read for, hear me ask Valentina to assist me with contacting your spirit guides and angels.  I also have St. Joseph and 2 other guides.  You can get their names and Rhonda and I offer a class in how to do so.  It takes intention, time and patience. You must raise your vibration and feel and know they are there.  Their needs to be a meeting place of your belief and intention so you can see them, hear them and interact with them. 

There are many different angels and angels came into being before us.  We are souls that happen to have a body, an angel is an angel and not a soul.  They are two different things. We have a guardian angel that is with us from birth to death, and they guard our soul, not so much always the physical body, unless it is not our time to go, but the soul we are, the soul that is having this physical experience is fiercely protected and we are never alone. The angels are our connection to the divine, they exist in the spirit realm which is above or better said, at a higher vibratory rate than this physical universe. There are hundreds of millions of angels and they too, just like us, have the freedom to choose between right/love, and wrong/acting without love. (Fallen angels chose to act without love).  The angels do have a hierarchy, and my understanding is that the archangels have the most power and authority.  I have also told, when I asked, that Angels are not born, they were created each individually and are eternal beings as are our souls. 

Angels have a whole hierarchy that is too lengthy for this script. We will save that for another blog!  Remember this is my understanding as told to me by my guides, through my meditations, and through my experiences. I will continue to share my knowledge of this as I learn and understand more.

More to come, love you guys!!!








  1. Rhonda

    Love this one Karen! Can’t wait for the next one !!

    • Karen Andrews

      Next one will be Monday, More on Angels!

  2. Caitlin

    This is so helpful, thank you!


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