Forgiving Yourself

Apr 24, 2017 | Personal Development | 0 comments

We have all heard that we must learn to forgive ourselves, but what does that really mean? Forgive ourselves…. I have had many moments in my life that I would like to re-do. Unfortunately, in this life we don’t get do-overs, especially on the big stuff. So for me, my list of things I would like to have a chance to change, is the same list of things, I need to forgive myself for. This inventory includes the times in my past that I feel blame, guilt and shame for my words or actions. The past should be complete. ( I am going to have to contemplate that last sentence and write on it in the near future, I really like what it means to me) If we remind ourselves that the past is the past, then we can start to look at these events and prepare a place of forgiveness within ourselves.

Imagine releasing yourself from the circle of blame, shame, guilt and fear. Wow, these things can really ruin our spirit, keep us from raising our vibration and living an authentic life. What I did to start the process was to make a short list of events, things I said, actions I took, that I later regretted. I wrote them down, I acknowledged my responsibility and if possible I made amends with the person whom I felt I had hurt in some way. I also looked deep within myself and reminded myself that these things were in the past. That they could not be undone. They had happened and I could forgive myself for them. I was able to come to a place of peace on many of the items on my short list. 

I read somewhere that the only wholesome purpose of guilt, shame, or remorse is learning. What that means to me is, if we acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and transgressions then they have served a purpose in our lives. When we believe that they served a purpose we are able to let go of the shame, guilt and fear that we were carrying around and we can truly be thankful for the lesson.

Due to the fact that we are not perfect, I know that I am not…..we will have the need to add to our short list. Each time we find ourselves adding to this list we need to stop, recognize the roles we played, acknowledge our responsibility, be thankful for the lesson and forgive ourselves. By practicing forgiveness of self we will find ourselves in a place more aligned with how we want to live our lives. I want to live a life of forgiveness, not hate, therefore I must not only be willing to forgive others, I must first be willing to forgive myself. Give it a try!


Forgiving Myself Today,


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