Tarot of the Spirit Deck (Purple Box)


Review of Spirit of the Tarot:

I used Tarot of the Spirit when I was in high school and have found nothing like it. It is authentic and encouraging. Death does not mean literal death, but is more of a transformation in one’s life. These cards encourage use of ones intuition and bring out many other hidden qualities of the self.
I highly recommend them for a novice tarot reader as well as anyone who is interested in introspection. I use them whenever I need to gain some clarity or acceptance in my decisions.
Plus, they’re beautiful and fun to use!

Card decks are like new, not opened but slight wear on the boxes due to age.

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Tarot of the Spirit, Full-color, 78-card tarot deck reveals the true spirit/Complete with instructions

According to Pamela Eakins, the “scribe” for the Tarot of the Spirit, this deck has three purposes. It can be used as “a set of images for meditation, a step-wise path to spiritual realization and a sacred oracle for divining mysteries of the past, present and future.” The Tarot of the Spirit has a spiritual quality that is heightened by the washes of color and flowing images on the cards painted by Joyce Eakins. The suit names reflect the four elements and the court cards bear family names. There is also a mystery card – “the master card of the deck.” It has an inverted yellow triangular shape, but is unlabeled. There is a separate companion book for this deck called Tarot of the Spirit.

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