The Humbling Need for Forgiveness

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Personal Development | 0 comments

This is another tough one. Have you ever found yourself needing the unconditional forgiveness of another person? I am not talking about saying you are sorry for forgetting a lunch date. I am talking about when you have acted on, or said something to another person, that you know was morally wrong, to you. Was there ever a time that the beautiful light of humiliation was shining down upon your face? Did you choose to deny and lie or did you come clean? We think it is easier to deny and lie, but the truth is it is easier on you and those around you if you just come clean. And because you knew it went against your own set of morals, you will need to ask for forgiveness from the person whom you hurt.

I have been in this situation a couple of times in my life. These are times that I am certainly not proud of but they happened none the less. Within these moments of humility are great lessons and huge growth for your soul, if you choose to take responsibility and not lie and deny. When I found myself at this juncture in my life, I think I felt worse than the person whom I had hurt. I knew that “I am sorry” was not enough, but it was all I had. The fear that was in me that this person would not forgive me, that my actions may have ended a relationship that I held dear, was huge. I took responsibility without excuses ,without blaming someone else for my transgression, and I told them I was truly sorry. Would that be enough?

Fortunate for me, I have surrounded myself around some pretty advanced souls. My honest heartfelt apology and my willingness to admit my fault openly while hoping for forgiveness allowed the other person to consider forgiving me! And they did. I was given 100%, total forgiveness, the kind where you do not ever have to talk about it again. What a gift that is to a fearful and humbled heart. That was UNCONDITIONAL.

This life experience, (which I have chosen to not repeat, because it doesn’t feel good, when you are in the hot set, has allowed me  the ability to forgive others when they have hurt me. Think about it, when you really, really need to be forgiven and it is given, how can ever deny forgiveness to a person seeking it from you? No matter how terribly you have been hurt, you can give them that gift,  if they are truly humbled and seeking your forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you allow yourself to be injured over and over by that person. We will save that for another blog!

So today, I have a thought to ponder…..what if today we choose one person in our lives from whom er have been harboring hurt feelings. Someone who has hurt us in some way, someone we are angry at, what if we look into our hearts and decide that we can forgive them, forever! It will be like one of those gifts that you don’t tell anyone about, you just do it. We will let go of one resentment or hurt and forgive. Let me know how that feels. I already know who I am going to forgive today…..and she doesn’t even know I am mad at her! Time to let that stuff GO! Remember you might be the one in need of forgiveness in the near future…….treat others how you would want to be treated. 



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